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From teeth cleaning to crowns, we offer general dentistry services to help you maintain your oral health.

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Ledoux Family Dental specializes in general, cosmetic and preventative care for adults & children.


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About Us
Specializing in general, cosmetic, and preventative dental care for adults and children, Ledoux Family Dental is located in Keene, New Hampshire. For more than 25 years, Dr. Ledoux and his staff have provided a friendly environment to help you maintain your oral health. We are also great with nervous patients, children, and first-timers.

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Ledoux Family Dental recently received 3 awards in The Keene Sentinel Choice Awards for 2018!

The Keene Sentinel Choice Awards     The Keene Sentinel Choice Awards    

Congratulations to Laura Burt!

Laura Burt

Best Local Dental Hygienist: Laura Burt

By Nicole S. Colson I Photo by Beth Pelton

Laura Burt has been voted Best Local Dental Hygienist for the fifth year in a row. It's not an honor she brushes aside.

In the nearly 10 years she's worked for Ledoux Family Dental in Keene, she's learned far more than how to clean patients' teeth. She knows what it takes to be valuable to them.

"I have amazing patients — I'm pretty lucky," she said. "I get to socialize with them; I ask how their family's doing. A lot of the same patients come back."

Many of them know about her award-winning streak and continue to ask her if she received the honor again.

Burt said she was blessed with good genes and never had to visit a dentist growing up other than for cleanings.

"My hygienist was awesome and so motivating," she said. "She told me I could have flexibility in this job and asked me to observe her one day. I did, and I liked it."

Ledoux Family dental offers a full range of dental services, from the general cleanings Burt performs to periodontal laser therapy. In addition to Burt's great patients, it also helps she works with a dentist (Dr. Michael J. Ledoux), who prides himself and his staff as providing "compassionate, personalized care in a relaxing environment."

"He has a philosophy I can support," she said.

She's as committed to her job as a mother of two boys and two stepsons (all under 7) as she is to her career.

"As soon as the clock turns five it's baseball, swimming, drumming," she said of their extracurricular activities.

At work, she also makes a point to go the extra mile.

"I make sure my patients are comfortable and I make friends with them," she said. "I make myself available. I get calls and Facebook messages from people who have a toothache over the weekend and I'll get in touch with the doctor for them."

Most importantly, she always takes into account that every patient is different — there is no cookie-cutter approach to her job.

"I make sure I adapt myself to every case," she said.

Michelle White, a patient of Burt's for nearly a decade, said a visit to the dentist before meeting Burt filled her with dread.

"I think it's pretty common to be nervous about dental visits," said White. "However, Laura eases all that. I consider my visits with her as dental spa appointments."

She went on to praise Burt's "gentle yet thorough hand" and her calming presence.

"She's patient, caring and considerate," said White, adding that Burt has gone above and beyond any patient care she's ever received. "She has even called me to check in when I've missed an appointment," she said.

Having passion is Burt's key to success.

"I say give it your all and do as best as you can," she said, "and make tomorrow even better."
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